Create an internal social media group at your organisation, & share revenue gains

To facilitate gain sharing, you can create a social media group at your organisation.

You can use any of the current social media platforms to do this, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

The group is simply a discussion group, where staff and / or management can chat about ideas to make the organisation better. Because they work close to the "coal face", employees often know how to make things work better. Unfortunately, they often don't get asked, let alone given an opportunity to gain by the implementation of the idea.

You could think of these sorts of groups as your organisation's "quality circle" to get improvements in your organisation.

The improvement can be anything that makes a better organisation.  Better organisations are usually more productive and efficient in some form or another. This leads to revenue gains that can be shared between staff and management, as agreed in a gain sharing agreement.

Being more sustainable is of course another way to make a better organisation, and often that can be done in a way that saves money for the organisation. It's a win for the environment, the firm, and the employees (because you share in the financial gains made).

The "Calculator" on our site is a quick and easy way to evaluate how your improvements to the organisation could generate more income for each employee, as well as the organisation itself. You can create a few scenarios and evaluate them, then set about implementing them.

Let's know if you need a draft agreement that you can use to have all players agree on what will be done, and how the gains will be shared.

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