Why use Profit Sharing?

Business expenses decrease + productivity increases = profitability (or gains as agreed).

The benefits of profit sharing are far reaching for organisations and have been proven over its 80 year history and has proven successful in 60-80% of firms that have used the process.

  • Profits increased by 5-20% in half of these organisations,
  • Productivity increased by up to 48%
  • Significant organisational changes that resulted in positive advantages (30% explained)

 The benefits include or address these matters;

  • The opportunity to increase income is provided for employees and employers through a collaborative approach.
  • Job security has never been more important and is a key factor in retaining and attracting team members. It’s enhanced by a more successful organisation.
  • Employees who are happy and engaged have a high level of job satisfaction and a significantly higher rate of output. This equates to a more productive organisation providing a better quality service or product to your clients or customers... in a cost effective manner.
  • A sustainable business environment can be achieved by utilising the ideas of those inside the organisation, assisted by others as necessary.