Build a Greener Workplace – Your children, and your children’s children, will be glad you did.

Employees in any organisation have a good sense of where the “green inefficiencies” maybe, or how it can be more sustainable.

Carbon pollution is perhaps the biggest green “inefficiency”, and certainly one that is a major challenge to human kind at the moment.  (We recognise that the cost of carbon pollution may not currently be directly borne by an Organisation, as often such costs are paid by external players.)

However, such carbon pollution not only is a cost borne by the external world, but is increasingly an overt cost of any business, especially the larger ones (for example, the cost of carbon emission permits).

The same process of discussion and cooperation that can produce financial and productivity gains in an organisation, can also be used to reduce or eliminate processes that cause carbon pollution, or other non-sustainable ways.

The overall agenda would be to make your organisation as environmentally sustainable as possible, within a time frame that is do-able for the organisation.  For example, Nike has an environmental sustainability plan that is being implemented steadily and effectively over quite a number of years.

There is significant research and practice that shows that green business is good business… in the sense that making organisational processes more environmentally friendly, can also reduce costs within a significantly quick time frame.

It’s important that the world acts quickly on climate change issues. The work place can be another place where the necessary gains in carbon pollution reduction and environmental sustainability can be made.  Depending on the particular priorities of those in the work place, it can be a very important part of your group and work place agenda.

Obviously, with the resources available through a work place, it is also something where the key players can fund research and other assistance to help identify, evaluate and implement the gains that can be made on this front.

If you are an employee or employer in any organisation, and are interested in seeing a social media E-Group formed to pursue any of the environmental, gain sharing, job security, happiness, efficiency or other advantages discussed on this site, please get in touch.  Alternatively, take your own steps, with or without information and assistance as you see fit.

Build a Greener Workplace - Your children, and your children’s children, will be glad you did.


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