Why I got interested in gain sharing to give a group bonus

I have implemented a lot of bonus schemes for individuals.

I did this while managing teams that recruited new members, donors, or customers for a range of clients. Bonus schemes have always been a key part of such a sales management process.

It was always difficult to find any kind of collective bonus scheme that could be used for the rest of the staff, other than the so-called sales reps. Even with the sales reps, one of the drawbacks of the individual bonus schemes was that they created competition between people, rather than collaboration.

I became interested in gain sharing when I was introduced to it by a Sydney University academic who is a specialist on employee remuneration. In the hurly burly of managing sales teams, I never had enough time to look at the various gain sharing options.

When I did look more closely, I realised that a gain sharing scheme is not only a group bonus scheme, but also one that incentivises business improvement (including sustainability). It does it in a way that gives everyone an interest in working together to make any aspect of any organisation work better.

It does not interfere with what people already get, because it's on top of normal wages and any individual bonus. By agreement, the group bonus can be used to replace an individual bonus, but it does not have to be.

Studies show that gain sharing adds 4-12% to an employee's income, and can it can go as high as 20%.

If you are interested, ProfitSharz can do a free evaluation of the potential to add a group bonus to your organisation.

A "group bonus" via gain sharing is split among all the staff, with some for the business too... to help with growth etc. You start by agreeing some measures of where you are now, and how to track any improvement. Only any additional revenue generated is shared by way of the group bonus.

There's more detail on this site. Alternatively, please get in touch and we can chat about more detail. You can reach me via info [at] profitsharz.com, or the contacts on this site.