Profit Sharz focus on business improvement, revenue growth and team motivation to build sustainable and productive businesses.Creating job security and income opportunity through organisational improvement and sustainability, leads to engaged team members and successful organisations.
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Building Bonuses and Generating Revenue

Profit sharing (or gain sharing) is a process that opens up communication between employees and employers about improvement opportunities, sustainability and cost-efficiencies that are immediately available to the organisation.

The benefits of profit sharing are far reaching for organisations and have been proven over its 80 year history and has proven successful in 60-80% of firms that have used the process.

  • Profits increased by 5-20% in half of these organisations,
  • Productivity increased by up to 48%
  • Significant organisational changes that resulted in positive advantages (30% explained)

Profit Sharz can support you to achieve your goals by assisting you to identify growth opportunities, sustainability and cost-efficiencies and provides three options to implement profit sharing into you organisation

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