Gain Sharing…What is it?!

Gain Sharing incentivises staff in find ways to build income, competitiveness, sustainability & job security for all stakeholders in an organisation's success.

It is a useful process to achieve a range of important outcomes for any organisation, wether it be public or private; or large or small.

Gain sharing has had a successful 80 year history. In the social media age, it can be used on a new scale, via an online "quality circle" process inside any organisation.

In the process, outcomes like competitiveness, sustainability, job security and profit can be driven by a range of players. It engages the work force in the process, and makes organisations much nicer places to be.

It has been shown that sustainability can be improved inside organisations in ways that reduce costs. This is not only good for the environment, but also improves your brand and staff satisfaction. The book "Green is Gold" (Yale University Press) provides good case studies of organisations that have achieved these outcomes.

The sustainability focus has not been connected with gain sharing in the past. However, in a new age where we need to concurrently improve sustainability and organisational outcomes, gain sharing is a useful tool.

Social media sharing also provides a new way to ongoingly implement the gain sharing process.